Tamir • Deja Vu’s Hair Specialist / Founder

Tamir Melamed has been actively working in the hair replacement and styling industry for over 20 years . He’s designed and performed fittings and cutting with the highest standards for more then 10,000 hair system clients.

Located in Los Angeles, Tamir also works as a hair consultant/stylist for film projects and creates hair systems for Hollywood actors and celebrities . He developed the revolutionary new “Natural Skin System” which attaches one hair at a time to the system so that scalp and hair are both visible as in natural hair growth. This is one of the main factors in achieving the ultimate in natural looking hair systems and why Deja Vu Hair Studio is known for creating the best look in the hair salon/replacement industry.

Even with magnified glasses this method is undetectable! “My clients put a lot of faith in me when they enter my salon and I feel a passionate responsibility as a result. Our appearance and self image are at the very core of how we live and relate to others so I urge my clients to ask questions and to feel confident that the result will exceed their expectations!” – Tamir Melamed

Deja Vu’s founder, Tamir, has also spent decades seeking out the most effective and beautiful results producing styling potions in order to create modern, edgy and glamorous looks.

Come on in and be pampered by our staff into a healthy and luxurious head of hair!