I can’t believe I waited so long to see Tamir! I’d heard about him and how honest and talented he is but I was just fearful of making the commitment to getting my own hair system. FINALLY I made a move to improve my life and as my wife says “It’s about time I started looking young and vital again!” Thank you Deja Vu Hair Studio and THANK YOU TAMIR! – Randall T.

Randall T.
Handsome Again! : )

I’ve been ashamed of my thin hair for so many years and now because of Tamir’s expertise (and patience with all my questions!!!!) I now have a nightlife, daylife and everything in between! You don’t have to be shy or ashamed anymore – just call Tamir and have natural looking beautiful luxurious hair! – Eleanor D.

Eleanor D.
Happy Happy Happy Deja Vu Client

A month ago I was completely bald on top. I looked way older than I am it hated looking in the mirror. I’d heard about Micro Hair Pigmentation and it seemed a bit scary. What if the hairline looks weird or will people be able to tell if they stare. I went in for my free consultation and after meeting Tamir and his staff I felt INCREDIBLY comfortable and confident that I was in the best hands! I feel so great now that my buzz cut style looks 100% natural. And if you rub my scalp the natural peach fuzz on top of my head feels REAL! And YES I LOVE looking in the mirror now! I highly recommend you go and see Tamir NOW! – Yoram H.

Yoram H.
Looking Sharp Now